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"After your event, hurry in and put your routechoices in as well as checking the other ones out - What was really the fastest way?"

Note: There is a link to help in the top right hand corner of Routegadget.

Routegadget Resources

Articles: How to use Routegadget

In 2015 Gavin Scott assembled a series of "how-to" articles on putting your routes in, playing them back, and getting the most out of the app. They appeared in the weekly "Memb-O". Links to each article are below. (Source: Orienteering Hutt Valley website).

What is Route Gadget?

After an event, RouteGadget provides entertainment and ways to improve your orienteering by looking again at your course online. It makes use of information from other runners so you can see what they did better or worse than you. It shows leg split times for comparing times of different route types. You can also see all the other courses and the routes people took, and learn from them. Read more...

Putting in Your Route

The more individuals who add their course route into RouteGadget, the better the gadget becomes for that course. Here are the simple steps for putting in a route. Read more...

Viewing Someone Else's Route

Viewing the routes of others in Route Gadget is where the interest lies, so here's how to see them. Read more...

Viewing Several Routes & Animation

This time on RouteGadget we are ready to view the routes of several people doing the same course. And it can also just be simply entertaining to set up a mass-start animation and watch the runners compete among themselves around the course. Read more...

Animation Bells and Whistles

So far on RouteGadget we have seen how to put in one's own route, how to view others' routes, and how to watch animations. This time we will look at analytical information that can be gleaned from the system, and cover a few incidentals. Read more...

Event Administrators Guide

This guide is intended for clubs and event organisers who would like to upload their event to Routegadget. There are several steps to publish your event in the NZ Routegadget application... Read more...